Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bright and Merry CARDS that CARE


Just wanted to show off a couple more cards I made for the Cards that Care  card drive. They are collecting holiday cards for the elderly in nursing homes. For all the info on sending in cards, you can go HERE. All cards need to be sent in by 11/30. I am getting a big batch in the mail today. I loved doing them and it really got me in the mood for Christmas. Now, I just need to start making my own Christmas cards!!!
I think this is possibly my favorite card out of the bunch I made and the easiest. Frosty the Snowman with his buttons bedazzled... I think it made him bright and merry!

And, following up that one, is this Christmas Ball cut out of some pretty Christmas card stock paper and a add a little lime ribbon and a lime sentiment and look what we've got:


  1. I love both of them!!! Very bright and merry. You did a great job and they will make a couple of people very happy.

  2. Thanks Ginny. Thank you for helping me build my snowman!

  3. I love that Bright and Merry!


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