Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's your birthday!

It took me a few cards to make the perfect birthday card for my good friend. But each card just didn't seem to fit her. This one is a negative die cut. 


This one is also a negative die cut. I just used patterned paper for the cut instead and  used SU Rich Razzleberry Stamp pad and a ribbon to match.

 Than I made this card. She is a quilter and I had known I would eventually use this paper to make a card with some kind of idea like this...

I was really happy with how it turned out. Each piece is raised off the piece underneath it - three layers. And it doesn't show up but I embossed the birthday message with some glitter.  We had a nice lunch together and shared some laughs.



  1. Mom, the second two are among my favorite that you've ever made! :) You REALLY should be selling these!

    I am really hoping I can get you to stay up with me one night over thanksgiving and teach me some of your creative ways. I do blame you, you know, for my analytic, ZERO creativity brain. Taking away my arts and crafts as punishment for being a terrifying beast of a kindergartener wasn't really very nice!

  2. Oops - ps I LOVE YOU. Cannot WAIT to be home in 10 short days! :)

  3. Too funny Kate. I have lots of new card making toys so you, Jen, and I will have to stay up late and make some cool cards! I can't wait! I am up now making some for Cards that Care...I'll try and post some pics tomorrow. I can't wait till you and Jen come home from school!

  4. Love how you used the negative die! And the colors on that last one are so bold and vibrant. Fab!


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