Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to a 5 year old (She's not 4 1/2 any more!)

I am so glad I made this card for a friend's Granddaughter. My friend left this morning to go visit her for her birthday and I wanted to make her a card to take to the little cuttie-pie. As luck would have it my SP & Company stamps came in the mail yesterday. So I was able to make not one but two "Turtle-y Awesome" cards.

As I was making this card my baby (16 years old) said "oh, make me one". It's not her birthday. But I stayed up and made her a card too...

...she is turtle-y awesome... sometimes!

Thanks to SP & Company and Sami for the stamp set. I love that I won this prize. I got to pick what I wanted and I have been eyeing the turtles. Now that I have used their stamps I will be going back for more. Loved how nice the stamps were and you get a lot of stamps in one set. It's a win/win. Check out the blog here:  Great things to see! 


  1. This is just too much fun! How totally cute are these turtles (I can see why your daughter wanted one too)!

  2. Thanks so much, Jeanne! The card was fabulous, and Sofia used it to decorate the mantel. I will send you a pic. So sweet of you to go to all that trouble for her!

  3. These cards are so cute! I *love* the sentiment, too--ha ha. I really like the paper piecing you did and the punch on the top of your daughter's card.


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