Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beer goggles... CAS 2&3

I must of had beer goggles on last night when I finished these cards. I thought it was some of my best work. Haha. I am in this card making class, CAS online class and it is really showing me things I did not know or didn't fully understand how to go about doing. I was on a roll making cards that I saw in class. Making them until they looked just right. I was so proud of my work. Even my husband said he thought I was getting better. He must have been wearing the goggles too. Okay, so I had a glass or two of wine. Wine goggles? But I think the most important thing is that I am learning some new things, getting great ideas, recognizing that I need to slow down (one card took me four attempts), and don't drink and ink!

                Look at these guys, I mean cards, don't they look good late at night?

But then when you look closely in the morning light...ouchy. But, again, I am learning and having fun. ((I swear they looked sooo good last night!))

I like the idea of the monochromatic stamping. I think I need to venture past the same color, just varying shades. I love what Cristina did in her example of her tree on her blog that we were invited to go see.... someday, someday I'll figure this all out.

This was trying for that triangle look. I think I need some bigger stamps, haha.

And not to be forgotten at the barstool was this flat owl. Man he was looking so hot last night. Three layers of card stock, he barely got out the door in one piece! The picture doesn't do him justice - I swear. I love this process and I will be doing this again with flowers.

And I would like to introduce you to his twin, his better half...

I couldn't waste the negative. What did you say? That wasn't the only thing that was wasted last night? Trust me, none of these cards take a good picture... they are nice looking when you get to know them!


  1. I love the Thank You card! love that flower and I thought you did the color shading very well!

  2. Jeanne, you gave me such a good laugh with your "wine goggles" story this morning! I do the same thing even when I'm not drinking--I think a card looks great at night, then ask myself what I was thinking the next morning. I think your cards are wonderfully CAS, and I especially like the "thank you" card with the large blooms stamped off the edge. And your owl is super cute!

  3. Oh it was too funny Eunice and Christina. Thank you for your kind words all the time. Eunice, I love your blog and am headed back there now to leave some love. I tried earlier today but couldn't.

  4. Oh my gosh mom, I missed this post last time I was on your blog. Too, too funny. I needed a laugh tonight..and you know I know a thing or two about beer goggles.


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